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In the last 19 years, the Seattle SuperSonics have won more playoff games than the New York Knicks.


Sonics – 8 wins

Knicks – 7 wins


Despite them being out of the league for most of this time, they’ve had more success.



[–]jimbris 48 points 23 hours ago

The Knicks are obviously exhausted because they have had to play so many more regular season games than the Sonics.


[–]NBA Wynslo 33 points 21 hours ago

The SuperSonics haven’t lost a game in ten years.


[–][GSW] Draymond Green jerhinesmith 5411 points 22 hours ago

In the last 19 years, the Seattle SuperSonics have had more Kevin Durants than the New York Knicks


[–]Supersonics Crusty_Irishman 494 points 21 hours ago

That’s cold. Have the upvote


[–]Knicks jg97 199 points 21 hours ago

Why do you hurt us like this 🙁


[–]Knicks JacksonDWalter 14 points 21 hours ago

Agreed. They like to kick us while we’re already down


[–][GSW] Draymond Green jerhinesmith 89 points 21 hours ago

Fwiw, New York City is unlike any other city I’ve been to, and I’m jealous that SF will never live up to that ideal in my lifetime


[–]Knicks jg97 76 points 21 hours ago

Hahah it’s okay my guy I love SF. It’s a great city and it makes living in NY look affordable.


[–]Mavericks lalakingmalibog 889 points 21 hours ago

The Knicks would’ve had one if it weren’t for those meddling Nets!


[–]nonametrashaccount 229 points 18 hours ago

Or any other team besides the hornets.


[–]NBA PressAltF4ToSave 22 points 17 hours ago

I don’t think Durant would’ve gone to any of the LA teams though.


[–]Raptors pureluxss 29 points 16 hours ago

Or Toronto after the finals incident.


[–][SAS] Stephen Jackson MediocreProstitute 12 points 13 hours ago

The second-hardest road


[–]leagueofgreen 92 points 15 hours ago

If only kd was white, Hornets woulda copped him asap


[–]Bulls Slats7 325 points 23 hours ago

Bring back the Seattle SuperSonics.


[–]Supersonics Tashre 183 points 20 hours ago

We’ve got the WNBA. Wanting the Sonics back would make us sexist. At least that’s what the city council says.


[–]Jazz christiannyca9 26 points 19 hours ago

Since Seattle is getting an NHL team doesn’t that help at all with bringing the Sonics back? I figured it helps with arena situation


[–]Supersonics warox13 19 points 18 hours ago

Probably not that much. The NBA doesn’t want to be in any arena where their team is a tenant of a different entity I don’t think. The new NHL arena should be able to host both, but I don’t really see Adam Silver and the owners biting on a deal like that. More likely would be Chris Hansen’s SoDo arena project but we’ll need to wait for a different city council to get that done most likely.



[–]Knicks JobSquad4Life 13 points 22 hours ago

And since then New York has 2 basketball teams while Seattle has none


[–]Rockets not_so_bueno 1377 points 22 hours ago

That 52 win season was a real stunner. They weren’t that great the year before, so they were the Cinderella team the year they were actually winning. Ray decided to stay instead of joining LeBron as a result.

Sonics imploded the following season.



[–][SEA] Ray Allen pfb253 329 points 22 hours ago

We flipped Ray for KD though, and drafted Russ the next year. Then they packed up the trucks and went out for cigarettes.


[–]Celtics QLR 317 points 21 hours ago

I believe ray was traded for Jeff green and other assets. KD was your own pick


[–]Supersonics Wazzoo1 1039 points 21 hours ago

Two things people don’t mention much about the season. One thing, not very significant. The other thing, very significant.

Not significant: The Sonics lost their season opener to a very mediocre Clippers team by 30 points. At the time, I remember my buddies and I all saying, “shit, this is gonna suck.”

Significant: Literally half the team was in a contract year. They ripped off a 17-2 streak after that, and eventually almost pushed the Spurs to a Game 7. They arguably gave the Spurs the toughest series of the conference playoffs.

However, the best part is…Jerome James only averaged 5 points and 3 rebounds during the regular season. Three equals his career average for rebounds (his five PPG were at least above his career average). He averaged 17 points and more than 9 rebounds in the first round against the Kings, so of course the Knicks gave him a $30 million contract that summer.





[–]Magic Ducks GoQuackQuack 72 points 21 hours ago

Jerome James was the key to the Sonics’ success. Luckily for the Knicks, they managed to sign him.


[–]Kings DeMarcus_CutYoAssUp 340 points 19 hours ago

Fuck I remember Jerome James tearing us apart that series. I kept thinking “who the fuck is this guy? He has no business putting up those numbers.”


[–]Way TooCool4U 339 points 18 hours ago

It was Jerome James revenge series against the Kings. Reportedly the Kings cut him in training camp in 2000 by handing him a garbage bag to empty out his locker. He even did the post game celebration wearing a garbage bag!


[–]Trail Blazers FrozenMongoose 54 points 18 hours ago*

Knicks fault for not putting a blindfold on him and telling him he was playing the Kings every game.



[–]michiganfan71 201 points 23 hours ago

Below the belt hit


[–]Knicks LeagueCounters 36 points 21 hours ago

How do I delete this post


[–][CHI] Andres Nocioni ThonMakerKDplusKG 646 points 23 hours ago

damn the knicks suck


[–]Raptors The_Natural_Log 357 points 23 hours ago

It’ll be a sad day when the Knicks stop sucking.


[–]Knicks EfficiencyMaatters 167 points 22 hours ago

Even the Cubs won a championship eventually and they were the premier losers in sports… although I hope the Knicks win a ring before I die


[–]Hawks madewillmadeit 146 points 22 hours ago

You just gotta outlive Dolan to have a chance


[–]popcorninmapubes 87 points 22 hours ago

The bad ones always live the longest.


[–]ShadowClawz 23 points 21 hours ago

Plot twist: James Dolan dies early but Donald Trump proceeds to buy the Knicks


[–]AmericaBOB 48 points 22 hours ago

I’m older and only follow the league casually these days. When I first read this post, I thought big fucking deal for the Sonics. The Knicks have sucked since the 90s. Then I clicked the post to be reminded that the Sonics folded up years ago. Jesus fucking Christ, the Knicks really are a horribly run franchise.


[–]Knicks Biniti123 452 points 23 hours ago

Existence is pain


[–]Supersonics ambulocetus_natans 24 points 19 hours ago

Fuck off dude we lost our ENTIRE TEAM. It doesn’t exist anymore.


[–]Supersonics BringBackSonix 57 points 20 hours ago

I’d still rather have a team…


[–]Pistons Crazy_Melon 100 points 23 hours ago

Shows you have important ownership is to a successful team. You can have the best location and still be horrible if your owner sucks.


[–][NYK] Bernard King K1787L12 33 points 22 hours ago*

I mean Donald Sterling got more playoff wins than both this century. Our owner is complete and utter trash but luck does play a factor as well





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